Forever Thankful

Wow. We did it. I can still barely believe it. And to think I almost cancelled the pledge campaign in the first two weeks because I was so terrified we wouldn’t make it!… Continue reading

A Special Reminder from Korea – The Student is now the Teacher

Every single one of us is trying to carve out a little place for ourselves in this world. The road to get there is almost never straight, but there are little markers along… Continue reading

Creativity: A Calling from the Unseen

The life of an independent musician is a precarious one. There’s so much amazing music in the world already, so much competition. You work persistently, and against all odds, to earn your place… Continue reading

Let’s Take Back Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! This is my favorite holiday. It transcends everything that makes us different in the US. You can come together and meditate on what you’re thankful for no matter what… Continue reading

The American Immigration Nightmare – A Love Story

Last Thursday, President Obama announced his executive order on immigration reform, which will protect the estimated 11 million undocumented immigrants living in the USA from deportation. This is a controversial decision. But I’m… Continue reading

Bound by Borders: An International Lesson in Love (AKA: Immigration Sucks)

I get nauseous a lot lately. It’s an unsettled, ill-at-ease feeling that starts in my mind, moves to my heart, then hunkers down in my stomach. It started happening when I moved back… Continue reading

I am an African

Today I received the most beautiful letter from a dear friend of mine here in Cape Town. She is an inspiring leader and educator and has given her talents to a community in… Continue reading

Just One More Week

I remember counting down the days until I would go on my first solo trip to Europe. One week before I was scheduled to get on the plane, I couldn’t sleep. I stayed… Continue reading

Defining “Success”

The last two years have been hard. I’ve been struggling financially, often having to forego any extras like trips home to visit my family in the States, home furnishings or decor, new clothing… Continue reading

Kick(ed) Starter: Why Local and ONLY Local Isn’t Lekker

Just the other day, I was told that although a venue liked my music and liked me, they would not hire me to organize a music evening at their restaurant because I am… Continue reading